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Honor Thy Father

There’s a big event this weekend. Not, I’m not talking about Pride Festival, I’m talking about Father’s Day.
Whether you have two dads or just one awesome dad, we all like to recognize our fathers for their guidance and shaping us into the wonderful human beings we are.
If you are looking for gift ideas, we have a few recommendations that your dad gave us. 😉

Bacon! What dad does love bacon? Your dad wants to express his love for bacon and this tee does it right. Sugar Pie Tees makes this great shirt (pictured above), that’s also very soft It comes in size small to 2 XL.

Glasses. No not eye glasses. We’re talking about a manly rock glass that your dad will enjoy pouring his favorite beverage. Buy one or buy a set so you can have a moment with him.

And if he likes his whiskey cold, we even have these whiskey rocks to keep his whiskey cold on hot summer days as he sits in his favorite chair, The directions on the box are easy, Freeze. Pour. Enjoy!

Your dad not a whiskey guy? We also have some great Ohio beer glasses. Put them in the freezer, pour a cold one, and enjoy. Not hard.
Make your dad proud by shopping local and supporting independent artists!