Beautiful natural rough black diamonds in a stylish linear double setting. This ring does come sized but can be adjusted slighly which is a great perk!



  • Natural rough diamonds
  • Sterling silver with 18K gold overlay setting


What is a rough diamond? So glad you asked!! Rough diamonds are diamonds in their natural state, removed from the depths of the earth and before undergoing the polishing process which lends the stone the glitter and luster that characterize diamonds in the eyes of the general public. They come in a variety of naturally occurring shapes and colors.


Our Handmade Artisan Jewlery:

Each rough diamond piece is 100% hand-crafted by expert artisan jewelers using traditional jewelry making techniques. They are dedicated to creating products with authenticity, quality, and history behind every piece.  Mass produced items are not our passion - long lasting unique pieces are and what you will find at S&T.


Giving Back To Women:

When women support each other, incredible things can happen. By purchasing this collection of jewelry, State & Third has helped by supporting women's causes around the world. Proceeds from this collection go toward charities that strive to improve women's lives every day.  

Rough Black Diamond Linear Ring

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