Beauty & Wellness

Spring Clean for *YOU*

Spring cleaning is not just for your home. How many of us are trying to get fit and shed the winter weight? Bathing suit season is coming! Between fad diets, cleanses and exercise options our heads are spinning. Here are a few of our favorite things, tried and true.

First, we are obsessed with Dirty Lemon waters – especially the Charcoal cleanse followed directly by the Collagen. Seriously, in that order. The Charcoal is amazing – has activated charcoal to absorb toxins and lemon which is also a diuretic and helps naturally cleanse. The Collagen is an excellent follow up, once you’ve cleansed your body it’s ready for the boost and I promise your skin will never look so good! The best part about these waters is you do not have to alter your diet one bit – just enjoy and see the amazing results. Sign up for their emails to receive special offers.

Any one else out there a suffering from allergies? This yo-yo weather has our heads aching. Thankfully we carry BEEpothecary wildflower honey (among other propolis items) at the shop. Perfect for your tea or morning oats. Honey is processed by the liver, not kidneys, and is just about the best kind of natural sweetener you can add to your diet. And, being a local hive, hopefully it will give you a little reprieve from your allergies, too.

I’m a practitioner and lover of Pilates and Yoga (we designed the tanks). These stretching, balancing and challenging moves help build slender muscles and help your focus. I can hear my pilates instructor telling us over and over ‘we do this so we won’t have rounded shoulders in 40 years’. Amen to that! Adding these in with a good walking or cardio routine has been key for us this season – not to mention stress relieving!

Speaking of freshening up and moisturizing your skin, have you tried our Palish products yet? These sugar scrubs are a blend of nourishing coconut and other natural oils, exfoliating sugar, and essential oils, smoothing away roughness, moisturizing deeply, and scents skin naturally. After the sugar gently exfoliates skin and the proprietary blend of coconut, jojoba, Vitamin E, sweet almond, apricot kernel and grapeseed oils moisturizes and locks in softness, the essential oils leave skin lightly scented with a fragrance that’s always fresh, never overpowering.

Our new go-to sneakers, by Golden Goose, are quite possibly the most stylish and comfortable sneakers we’ve ever owned. These shoes support just about every curve of your foot. For someone that stands for about 8 hours a day, they’re the cats’ meow! There is a bit of sticker shock, but they do go on sale and for as much as I’ve already worn them – I’ll get my money’s worth. And then there are the Fit Flop – ergonomically engineered for comfort and super stylish. If Uma Thurman endorses them, what else do you need! FYI – you can get them discounted at DSW.

Accessories are always the best part when heading to and fro in our busy lives. Don’t forget your shades or Shreds. Shreds are handmade in the USA from recycled textile remnants that have never been used, just over produced. No two are alike except our team ‘scarlet & gray’ shreds specially made for State & Third! Because there are so many variations, it’s best to shop these in-store, grab a stack and try ’em on!

If you get around to trying some of these products, please let us know what you think.

Happy spring cleaning your life and thank you for supporting State & Third and independent businesses.