State & Third

The Madness of March

Yes, you can feel it in the air. No, we’re not talking about spring, Mother Nature apparently isn’t ready for that. Were talking about basketball, brackets and buzzers!
No matter where you are: the office, restaurants, coffee shops or even the gym, its on the television or someone is talking about the latest game. And chances are you have been invited to March Madness events at a local bar.Have no fear, we have the gear with Ohio Grit!

Ohio Grit Clothing Brand was founded by three young men in Columbus. According to Taylor, one of Ohio Grit’s co-founders, the company was started with one goal in mind: to serve others. Why? Because they love the state through and through, the people, the sports, and of course, the grit.
And wha’t so great about supporting Ohio Grit, is that they are currently is working an organization called Freeset in India to obtain the organic cotton shirts made by formerly trafficked women, giving more opportunities for others to also be freed.
Thanks for shopping at State & Third and supporting local and US artists.