State & Third

Two Artists Added to State & Third

State & Third is proud to feature dozens of Central Ohio artists in our shop and we are always looking for new talent and product. This past week, we added two new artists: The Kaleidoshop and Brittni Hall.
The Kaleidoshop
Ashley, owner of the Kaleidoscope, creates beautiful gemstone jewelry and accessories. We found The Kaleidoscope at the Moonlight Market and instantly fell in love with the pressed flower lockets, pictured above.
Ashley’s best sellers are her raw crystal earring made from raw pieces of sodalite, due to their beautiful blue color. Each pair has a good mate that approximately matches in size and shape, but no two stones are alike.

The Kaleidoshop also features some home goods such as speckled soap dishes and ring holders.
Brittni Hall
Brittni has been painting since she was young, but oil painting is fairly new for her. She uses oil paints with a quick-drying impasto (thick-spread paint that stands out from the surface) to thin it for better application with a palette knife, which she utilities in addition to brushes. She mostly paints on canvas, but recently began painting on wood.
Thanks for shopping at State & Third and supporting local and US artists.